Your home is your biggest investment and an extremely important part of your life. As a home ages and time goes on, often there are situations and projects that come about in your home. Whether a door doesn’t work correctly anymore or a leak damaged some drywall, repairs in your home should not be overlooked and forgotten about! Repairs in the home should be done to properly maintain your living environment being your biggest investment. Often, a small repair left unrepaired can lead to a larger problem or headache down the road. JAG Home Enhancements will take care of your bothersome home repairs and leave you with a like new finished product! Please inquire for more ways JAG can help YOU with repairs!

Common problems that can be corrected:

  • Damaged drywall from a leak
  • Doors not operating correctly
  • Loose trim or handrails
  • Windows not operating correctly
  • Blown off roofing or siding
  • Deck boards aging or coming loose
  • Damaged tile or other flooring
  • Rotted wood anywhere in the home
  • Leaky gutters
  • Stone joints cracking
  • Front porch sagging and aging